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Let patients schedule a consultation any day of the year from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., book and pay for treatments, and register for events online - 24/7 from any device. You get a fully functional website where you can present your medical clinic and start accepting appointments, send reminders, sell products and service add-ons.

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Scheduling; it’s one of your most important tasks. An efficient booking system means peace of mind because you don’t have to keep track of everything by hand, with all the errors and mistakes that go along with that. You don’t want patients to get lost in the system or to get double-booked.

With our automated system, you won’t have to worry about whether you have the time or resources to see any given patient; all past, present, and future appointments are right there in front of you. Need to make an adjustment? Click, click; easily done.

Now, offline booking systems are great, but what if people could also make appointments online? How much easier would your day-to-day admin be if customers had 24/7 online access, where they could book themselves in? With online scheduling, appointment-setting becomes a breeze.

And it’s not only for your benefit. Your patients want to pick the best time-slot for their personal schedule. This reduces the chance they will cancel the appointment because of a time conflict.

Using reminders will drastically reduce the number of patients who don’t show up. It also helps to reschedule appointments and, ultimately, gives patients more control.

Thus, a good appointment system is extremely important for a profitable and client-friendly practice. All those age-old admin tasks will be taken care of by your medical appointment scheduling software, so you can focus on what matters: giving patients the care they need when they need it.

If you are skeptical about providing online appointment scheduling service for your patients, here are ten reasons that will convince you to do so.

1. Your Clients Want Convenience

Having an Online Appointment System is one step to making your customers satisfied with your services. New clients will want to book an appointment with you once they know that you have made your booking process easy. If they are impressed with their meeting with you, they will keep coming to you for treatment.

But how will they become loyal clients if they are turned off by your method of booking? This is why it is important that you use the online appointment system to woo them first. Most new patients will prefer booking an appointment online to talking on the phone with one of your staff whom they haven’t met before.

2. Patients Don’t Have to Wait Long Hours

If your clients still need to come to your clinic to book an appointment to see you, then you need to start thinking of using the online appointment system as soon as possible. No patient wants to spend hours waiting to book an appointment when there are system online doctors out there who are offering equal service with a booking system that makes appointment scheduling quick and stress-free. Sick patients want to be attended to as quickly as they come into your clinic. Instead of making your patients wait hours for their turn to book an appointment, provide a scheduling system and save them the stress.

3. Reduces Patient No-Shows

Patients can sometimes forget that they have a doctor’s appointment causing them to disappointment you on the scheduled date. With an online appointment system, however, there will be fewer disappointments as the system is designed to send reminders and confirmations to clients after they book an appointment. This way clients can look forward to their meeting with you and prepare well for it. Online scheduling system helps you to be organized and plan your activities around your meetings with your clients.

4. Saves You and Your Employees Tons of Time

Before this time, many service providers who require their clients to book appointments in advance relied on their staff to do the bookings manually. In fact, in some companies where the secretary had too much workload, another hand was employed to oversee bookings and scheduling.

Now, however, you do not need your staff to ensure that bookings are done correctly. Your clients can go online and book appointments for themselves. For one thing, you can be confident that the correct information will be entered in the booking form since the patients will fill it themselves. Most importantly, it saves you and your staff time. The time that would have been used to answer phone calls or reply to emails of clients who want to book appointments can be used to accomplish other tasks, thus increasing productivity in the workplace.

5. Allows Clients to Book at Any Time and Place

With their mobile devices and the internet, patients can book an appointment from wherever they are and at any time. This is one of the major benefits of using the doctors online system. Agreed, many people may still use the telephonic appointment booking method, but these methods have a lot of challenges. Foremost among them is that the patient cannot call to make an appointment whenever they like. It must be within the hours that the phone lines are open. With the online booking system, however, you can book an appointment at any time and from any place.

6. It’s the trend

These days, most people are internet and tech-savvy, so they prefer to do everything on their smartphones and computers. It just makes things easier for everyone. Making your service available to people online shows that you are following the trend which is allowing your clients to reach you via their smartphones and gadgets.

Another thing you should know is that most service providers whose customers need to book an appointment before they can be attended to use the Online Appointment System to make the process easy and fast for their clients. Why would you want to stick to traditional ways of scheduling appointments when others have gone past that?

7. Better Management of Your Schedule

The online booking system puts you in control of your schedule and appointments. Now, you can organize your activities and plan ahead for the day without fear of last-minute cancellations on the part of clients.

With the booking system, you can control the number of people who can view your bookings and you can also make quick changes to the schedule. You can specify how long in advance an appointment can be canceled by patients. This way you are sure of how many patients you will be attending to in one day.

8. Gives You an Edge in Your Industry

The convenience of online appointment scheduling enhances user experience, and this is what your patients want. Both prospective and existing customers will want to stick to a service provider that has their best interest at heart.

Your patients who know how easy it is to book an appointment with you and who knows that you are good at what you do will likely spread the word. Their good word and referral can go a long way in expanding your client base. If you want to reach more people, offer quality service and watch others advertise your business for you.

9. It is User-friendly

If you are worried that your client might find the online booking system difficult to use, relax! Most booking systems are easy to use and does not require any installation before clients can use them. Patients can access and book appointments directly without having to go through an instruction manual to learn how to do so. Your patients will be delighted to book an appointment on an online system that presents no challenges at all.

10. Mobility

If you have all your patients information in a particular computer or register, you will not be able to access it from anywhere else unless you are in the clinic or wherever the computer is. This can be a setback when you urgently need a patient’s information but are not close to the computer.

With the Online Appointment System, you can access and manage patient information from anywhere. Since all the information on your appointment system is backed up on cloud, you only need a device that is connected to the internet to get the information you want.

The advantages of using an online appointment system far surpass any disadvantages it may have. Over time, you and your clients will adjust to the new booking method and you will begin to reap the benefits that are associated with it.

** Remember that the payment of this product is an income and must be paid monthly between the 1st and 5th of each month in our services payment section.

Hosting Included YES
Domain Included NO (includes a generic domain)
Enabled to accept Credit Cards YES
Live Chat with Customers YES
Control Panel YES
Number of products NO LIMITS
Email Included YES
EMail Quantity 1
Exclusive Graphic Design NO
Social Network Compatibility YES
Daily Backup YES
Product Preloaded NO
Number of preloaded products 0
Shipping & Handle Enabled YES
Sales Report and Statics YES
Enabled to sell downloadable goods YES
24/7 Support NO
Responsive (Adapts to any device) Yes. Page changes to adapt to any desktop or mobile device

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